Watch List 2023: American Bolt | Industrial Distribution

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In the third and final part of ID's annual "Watch List," a visit with American Bolt Corporation.

In the third and final installment of Industrial Distribution's 2023 Watch List, a look at a suburban Milwaukee company that has grown into a leading supplier of fasteners for manufacturers and construction companies both in its native Wisconsin and beyond.  Manufaturing Nelson Welding Stud

Watch List 2023: American Bolt | Industrial Distribution

New Berlin, Wisconsin-based American Bolt Corporation, which recently celebrated its 60th year in business, provides fastening solutions from bolts, nuts and washers to threaded rods, sockets and metrics. Its construction supplies serve steel fabricators, precast concrete and both industrial and municipal builders, while its manufacturing customers range from OEMs and heavy equipment makers to mining companies and job shops.

American Bolt also supplies MRO products and pneumatics and hydraulics, and offers a range of services, including cutting, threading and crimping capabilities, equipment rental, packaging and kitting — even its own vehicle fleet.

American Bolt officials particularly highlighted its vendor managed inventory programs tailored to each customer; the company says it is committed to becoming a leader in managed inventory programs within the industry. - ID

Name: American Bolt Corporation Nominated by: NetPlus Alliance Top executive(s): John Nutt, president; Mark Osborn, vice president Year founded: 1962 Headquarters location: New Berlin, Wisconsin Website: Number of locations: 2 Key product categories: Threaded fasteners, structural & construction fasteners, bolts, sockets, nuts, washers, rods & studs, lifting hardware, anchors, rivets Total employee headcount: 80 Total SKU count: 120,000 Estimated 2022 sales: More than $20 million

Do they offer e-commerce? Not currently, but is it exploring the possibility of adding an e-commerce solution in the near future.

Recent company news: Celebrating its 60th year in business; moved to its existing building in 2005 and added onto the facility in 2019.

Company commentary: "American Bolt has been distributing threaded fasteners for manufacturing and construction since 1962. We are family-owned with our headquarters in southeastern Wisconsin. Offering fastener distribution of bolts, nuts, washers, threaded rods, metrics, sockets and class C items. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in all facets by providing outstanding customer service, managing inventory for product stability, and developing customer driven solutions. Other value-add services we have are 'Vendor Managed Inventory' programs at customer facilities — which the company is focused on growing and becoming a leading supplier in the space — as well as kitting and packaging solutions and rental welding equipment for weld studs. The current leadership team had a vision of growth of existing customers and finding new customers that value a partnership."

Watch List 2023: American Bolt | Industrial Distribution

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